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Total number of Albums to date is: 1038
Abbeyholme School
Abbot's Lea School - Woolton
Abbotsford Road Boys School
Abbotsford Road Girls School
Abbotsford Road School
Acre Lane School - Bromborough, Wirral
Addison St Day School (Industrial)
Aigburth Vale Grammar School - Aigburth
Aigburth Vale High School For Girls - Aigburth
Alderwood School
Alice Elliot School For The Deaf
All Hallows RC School
All Saints CE Primary School - Widnes
All Saints RC School - Anfield
All Souls RC School
Allanson Primary School - St Helens
Allerton Priory Convent School for Girls
Allerton School
Alsop High School For Boys
Alsop Junior School
Alt Bridge School - Huyton
Anfield Comprehensive School
Anfield Road Boys School
Anfield Road Girls School
Anfield Road Primary School
Archbishop Beck School - Liverpool
Archbishop Blanch High School
Archbishop Whiteside School
Arnot Street St Mary CE School
Arrowe Hill Junior School - Birkenhead
Arundel School
Ashfield Street School
Asmall Primary School - Ormskirk
Aspen Grove CE School - Toxteth
Atherton School - Ellesmere Port
Aughton St Michael CE Primary School
Aughton Street Boys School
Avalon School
Aymestrey Court Special Boarding School for Boys
Aymestry School

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Balfour Road Boys School - Runcorn
Balfour SM Girls School - Runcorn
Balliol County School - Bootle
Balliol Road School For Boys - Bootle
Balliol Road School For Girls
Bank View High School - Fazakerley
Bankfield Boys School
Bankfield Girls Secondary School
Bankfield School - Widnes
Bankhall Girls School
Banks Road School
Barlows Lane Primary School
Barnes Road School - Skelmersdale
Barnston Lane Primary School
Barrington House School - Huyton
Beach Road School
Beaconsfield School
Beaufort Street School
Bebington Secondary School
Bective School - Toxteth Park
Bedford Drive Primary School
Bedford Drive Primary School - Wirral
Bedford Road Primary School - Bootle
Beechenhurst Prep School - Liverpool
Beechwood Day School
Belle Vale School
Bellerive College (Convent)
Belvidere School
Berwick Road School - Ellesmere Port
Bevington Hill RC School
Bickerton House School - Southport
Bidston Avenue Primary School
Bidston Village CE School - Wirral
Birchfield Road School
Birkdale Farm School - Southport
Birkdale Secondary School
Birkenhead Institute
Birkenhead School - Wirral
Birkenhead Tech College School
Birket Junior & Primary School
Birket Primary School - Leasowe, Wirral
Bishop Goss RC School
Black Horse Hill School - Wirral
Black Moss School - Skelmersdale
Blackbrook St Marys School - St Helens
Blackburne House School
Blacklow Brow Primary School
Blackmoor Park Primary School
Blairgowrie Prep School
Bleak Hill School - St Helens
Blessed (St) John Almond RC High School
Blessed Ambrose Barlow On Queens Drive
Blessed Ambrose Barlow RC School
Blessed Sacrament RC School
Blue Coat Hospital School - Wavertree
Blueberry Park School
Blundellsands House School
Boaler Street School
Bold Heath School - St Helens
Booker Avenue Junior School - Allerton
Bootle Grammar School For Girls
Bootle Grammar School For Boys
Bootle High School
Bootle Municipal Tech College
Bowring Comprehensive School - Huyton
Bowring House Country School - Huyton
Brackenwood Junior School - Wirral
Bradstock Lockett Hospital School - Southport
Brae Street Junior School
Breckfield Comprehensive School
Briars Hey Community School
Bridgefield School
Broad Square Junior School
Broadgreen School
Bromborough Secondary School - Wirral
Brookdale Primary School - Greasby
Brookfield Primary School - Skelmersdale
Brookfield Road School - Kirkby
Brookside School - Knowsley
Brookvale Comprehensive & Junior School - Runcorn
Broughton Hall Grammar School
Burscough Bridge Methodist Primary School - Ormskirk
Burscough Priory School - Ormskirk
Burtonwood High School (USA) - Warrington
Bushey Lane Primary School - Rainford
Butler Street Girls School - Everton
Butler Street School (Newsham School)

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C of E School - Woolton
C.F.Mott College - Prescot
Calder High School - Liverpool
Calderstones School
Caldy Grammar School - Wirral
Campden School - Wirral
Campion Boys RC School
Canon Kennedy School
Cantril Farm High School
Cantril Farm School
Cardinal Allen Grammar School
Cardinal Allen Heenan School
Cardinal Godfrey School
Cardinal Newman RC School For Boys
Carr Mill School - St Helens
Cathcart Street School
Cavendish Sec School for Girls - Birkenhead
Central Avenue School - (Go To Speke Album)
Central Modern School (Higher Grade) - St Helens
Chapel House School - Ormskirk
Chapel Lane School - St Helens
Chatsworth Street School - Edge Hill
Cherryfield Primary School
Chesterfield High School - Crosby
Childwall CE Primary School
Childwall Valley High School
Christ & Nore Dame School
Christ Church CE School - Bootle
Christ Church CE School - Waterloo
Christ Church School - Lark Lane
Christ Church School - Birkenhead
Christ Church School - Everton
Christ The King School
Church Drive Primary School
Church Street Primary School
Churchtown Primary School - Southport
City of Liverpool College of Higher Education
Claughton Higher School - Birkenhead
Clint Road Primary School
Clough Fold Primary School - Skelmersdale
Clubmoor School (Ellergreen)
Cole Street Primary School
Colomendy School Holiday Camp - North WAles
Colwell School
Conway School - Wirral
Corinthian Primary School
Coronation School - Crosby
Corpus Christi RC Primary School
Countess of Derby School - Bootle
Cowley Boys Grammar School
Cowley Girls Grammar School
Craighurst Primary School
Cronton C of E School - Knowsley
Crosby Manor School For Girls
Crosby Road North Primary School
Crosby Secondary School For Boys
Cross Farm School
Cross Hall Brow School
Crosse Hall School
Crow Orchard Primary School - Skelmersdale
Crown Street School
Croxteth Comprehensive School
Croxteth Primary School

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Daisy Street CP School
Dale Acre Primary School - Netherton
Daresbury, Moore and District Schools
Darnhall Primary School - Winsford
Davenhill School
De La Salle RC Boys School - Academy Liverpool
Dell Primary School
Delphside Primary School - Skelmersdale
Derby Street School
Deyes High School - Maghull
Deysbrook Nursery School - West Derby
Digmoor School - Skelmersdale
Dingle Schools
Dingle Vale School
Ditton Primary School
Dovecot School
Dovedale County Primary School
Duncombe Road School

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Earl Road School
Eastcroft Park Primary School
Eastcroft Primary School
Eastham Secondary&primary School
Eastway Primary School - Moreton, Wirral
Eccleston Lane Ends School - Prescot
Edge Hill School For Boys
Edge Hill University - Ormskirk
Egerton Grove Primary School
Eileen Craven Primary School
Ellergreen High School
Ellesmere Port RC High School
Elmers Green Primary School - Skelmersdale
Emmanuel CE School
Emmanuel Primary School - Southport
English Martyrs RC School - Kirkdale
English Martyrs RC School - Litherland
English Martyrs RC School - Towerhill
English Martyrs School - Haydock
Ernest Cookson School
Evered Avenue School - Walton
Everton Valley School

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Fairfield Commercial College
Fairfield High School - Liverpool
Fairfield Primary/Junior School - West Derby, Liverpool
Fairfield Sec School for Girls - Liverpool
Fairfield Secondary/Primary Schools - Widnes
Faith Primary School
Farnborough Road Primary School - Southport
Farnworth Primary School - Widnes
Fazakerley High School
Fazakerley Open Air School
Fazakerley Primary School - Fazakerley
Fazakerley School - Formosa Drive
Fender Primaryschool
Finch Hall Boys School - Dovecot
Finch Hall Girls School - Dovecot
Fisher Moore High School - Widnes
Florence Institute For Boys
Florence Melly Boys School
Florence Melly Primary School
Fonthill Road School
Forefield Junior School - Crosby
Formby High School
Formosa Drive School - Fazakerley
Four Oaks Primary School
Frankby CE School - Wirral
Friary RC Primary School

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Galtres School - Rock Ferry
Gamble Institute - St Helens
Garston CE School
Garston Technical Institute School
Gateacre Comprehensive School
Gautby Rd Primary School
Gilmour / Duncombe School
Glenburn High School
Goresdale SM Boys School - Wallasey
Gorsedale School
Granby Street School
Grange Park Technical School
Grange School - Runcorn
Grange Valley School - St Helens
Grant Road School
Granton Road School
Granville Street School - Runcorn
Gray Street School
Greasby Junior School - Wirral
Great George St Chapel School
Great Meols Primary School - Wirral
Greater Crosby School
Greenbank Primary School
Greetby Hill CE School - Ormskirk
Greetby Hill Primary School
Grove Street School
Gwladys Street County Primary School

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Haigh Street School
Halebank School - Widnes
Halewood Academy School
Halewood Comprehensive School
Halsall Junior School
Halsnead Primary School - Whiston
Halton Grammar School - Runcorn
Hamblett School - St Helens
Hamilton Secondary School - Birkenhead
Hants Lane School
Harold Magnay School
Harrington Board School
Harrison Jones CP School
Hatton Hill School
Hawthorne Free School
Hawthorne Road County School - Bootle
Haydock High School
Heath Road School
Heatherlea School - Allerton
Helsby High (Grammar) School - Helsby
Hemmingford Street School- Birkenhead
Henry Leedham School - Seaforth
Henry Meoles Senior Comprehensive School
Henry Meols Com School - Formby
Heswall Manor
Heygarth Road School - Eastham, Wirral
Heygreen Primary School
Heyworth Street Primary School
Higher Side Community Comp School - Knowsley
Highfield Comprehensive School
Hilbre High School - Wirral
Hillfoot Hey High School
Hillside Junior School - Birkenhead
Holly Lodge Girls High School
Hollylea Prep School - Sefton Park - Liverpool
Holmwood Prep School for Boys - Formby
Holt School - Childwall
Holt Hill Convent School
Holy Angels School
Holy Cross RC School - Kirkdale
Holy Cross RC School - Wirral
Holy Cross RC School - St Helens
Holy Family Convent High RC School
Holy Family RC Primary School - Halewood
Holy Family RC School - Widnes
Holy Family RC School - Thornton
Holy Name RC Primary School
Holy Rosary RC School - Litherland
Holy Spirit (Ghost)school Netherton
Holy Trinity CE School - Wavertree
Holy Trinity CE School - Hoylake
Holy Trinity CE School - Formby
Holy Trinity CE School - Runcorn
Holy Trinity Primary School - Garston
Holy Trinity School - Anfield
Holy Trinity School - Toxteth
Hope Place Hebrew School - Liverpool
Hope Street Council School
Hoylake CE School - Wirral
Hudson Primary School - Maghull
Hugh Baird College
Hurst School
Hutton CE Grammar School - Preston
Huyton College School
Huyton Hey Secondary Modern School
Huyton Hill Prep School
Huyton Infants School
Huyton Sec Mod School
Huyton With Roby CE Primary School

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I M Marsh College of PE
Ionic Street School - Wirral

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John Hamilton High School
John Moores University
John Street School - Ellesmere Port
Joseph Williams Primary School

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Kensington Junior School
King David High School
Kingsthorne Rd Primary School
Kingsway Secondary School - Widnes
Kirkby CE School
Kirkby High School
Kirkdale Industrial School
Kirkdale Primary School
Kirkland School - Rock Ferry
Knotty Ash Primary School
Knowsley Hey School - Huyton
Knowsley Higherside Comp School - Whiston
Knowsley Parkway School
Knowsley Road School - St Helens
Knowsley Village Primary School
Knowsley Woolfall School

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La Sagesse High School
Ladycross School - Wirral
Laffak School - St Helens
Laird School of Art
Laird Street School - Wirral
Lambeth Road School
Lambshear Lane School
Lander Road School
Lansbury Bridge School
Lawrence Road Girls School - Wavertree
Lawrence Road School
Leamington Road School
Lee Manor High School - Netherly
Legh Vale Primary School
Leyfields School
Lidderdale Road School
Linacre Lane County Primary School
Lingham Primary School - Moreton
Lisburn Lane School - Clubmore
Liscard Secondary School
Lister Drive School
Litherland Beach Rd School
Litherland Day Nursery School
Litherland Moss Primary School
Litherland Sec Mod For Boys
Litherland Sec Mod School For Girls
Liverpool Arts High School
Liverpool Bluecoat School
Liverpool College
Liverpool Collegiate School
Liverpool Community College
Liverpool Free School
Liverpool Girls College
Liverpool Girls High School
Liverpool Hebrew School
Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Industrial School For Girls
Liverpool Institute For Girls
Liverpool Institute For Boys
Liverpool Polytechnic School
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Liverpool School Strike - 1985
Liverpool Theatre School
Liverpool University
Longmoor Community County School
Longton Lane School - Rainhill
Longview Sm & Junior School
Loraine Street School
Lowe House School - St Helens
Lower Lee School - Woolton
Lydiate CE School
Lydiate Primary School

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Mab Lane Primary School
Mabel Fletcher Tech College
Macket's Lane School
Maghull Grammar School
Maidford Road School
Major Lester School
Major Lester School - Last Days
Major Street School
Malay Teacher Training College - Kirkby
Malvern Primary School
Manesty Lane School
Manor County School - Birkenhead
Manor High School
Margaret Beaven School
Margaret Street Baths
Marian RC High School - Wirral
Maricourt RC High School - Maghull
Maris Stella Convent School
Market Street School - Wirral
Marlborough College
Marsh Lane School - Bootle
Marshalls Cross School - St Helens
Mary Help of Christians Catholic School - Croxteth
Marymount Convent School
Maryville School
Mather Avenue Police Training School
Matthew Arnold School - Dingle
Meadow Park School - Knowsley
Meadow School - Ellesmere Port
Mendell Primary School
Meols CE Primary School - Wirral
Merchant Taylors Boys School
Merchant Taylors Girls School
Mersey Park Primary School
Merton Bank Primary School
Mill Brow School - Runcorn
Mill Lane School - Ellesmere Port
Mill Road School
Millbank College
Millbrook School - Kirkby
Millstead School
Millwood Primary School
Miss Bragg's School - Ormskirk
Miss Pride Private School
Monksdown School
Moorfield Road School - Widnes
Moorland School
Moorside Primary School - Skelmersdale
Moreton Secondary School for Boys - Wirral
Moreton Secondary School - Wirral
Morrison Council School
Morrison Girls School
Morrison Sec Boys School
Moss Bank School - St Helens
Mossbrook Special School (Brookfields) - Widnes
Mosscroft Primary School
Mosslands School - Wallasey
Mosspits Lane School
Mostyn House School - Parkgate, Wirral
Mount Carmel High School - St Helens
Mount Primary School - Wirral
Much Woolton RC Primary School
Murrayfield Private Girls School - Heswall

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National School (St Mary's) - West Bank, Widnes
Nazareth House For Boys - Widnes
Netherfield Road School
Netherly Comprehensive School
Netherton Moss School
Netherton Park School
New Brighton School - Wirral
New Heys Comprehensive School
New Heys Grammar School For Girls
New Hutte School - Halewood
New Park Primary School
Newburgh Prep School - Childwall
Newfields School - Crosby
Newsham School
Newton - Le - Willows School
Nine Tree Primary School
Noctorum Girls High School - Wirral
Norman Pannell School
North Corporation School
North Liverpool Academy School
Northcote Road Primary School - Walton
Northumberland Road School
Northway Junior School - Maghull
Northway Primary School
Norwood Road School
Notre Dame Collegiate School
Notre Dame Convent School - St Helens
Notre Dame Demonstration School
Notre Dame High School
Notre Dame High School - Woolton
Nugent RC Boys School
Nutgrove Primary School - Thatto Heath

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Oakdene School - Rainhill
Oakfield Primary School - Widnes
Oakfield School In Woolton
Oaks Street School
Old Church CE School - Moorfields
Old Hall High School - Maghull
Old Swan Charity School
Old Swan Tech School
Oldershaw High School for Girls - Wirral
Oldershaw School
Olive Mount School
Oliver Lyme Road School - Prescot
Ormonde Drive School
Ormskirk Cross Hall High School
Ormskirk Girls School
Ormskirk Grammar School
Orrell Primary School
Orrysdale Road School - West Kirby
Oulton High School
Oulton Secondary School - Liverpool
Our Lady & St Nicholas CE School
Our Lady And Saint Philomena School
Our Lady And St Swithin School
Our Lady Bishop Eton School
Our Lady Immaculate RC School
Our Lady Immaculate Boys School - Everton
Our Lady of Assumption School
Our Lady of Fatima - Liverpool
Our Lady of Fatima School
Our Lady of Good Help RC School
Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC School
Our Lady of Pity RC Primary School - Wirral
Our Lady of Reconciliation School
Our Lady of Walsingham School
Our Lady Primary School
Our Lady Star of The Sea School
Our Lady's RC School - Prescot
Out Lane Primary School
Overchurch School - Wirral
Overdale Primary School - Kirkby
Oxley Girls School - Wirral

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Paddington Comprehensive School
Page Moss Comprehensive School
Palacefields Primary School - Runcorn
Palmerston School - Woolton
Parish Church CE School - St Helens
Parish School - Runcorn
Park Brow Primary School
Park Hall School - Huyton
Park High School - Birkenhead
Park View Primary School - Huyton
Parkhill County Primary School
Parkhill Girls School
Parklands High School - Speke
Parkway Comp School - Huyton
Parr High School
Parr Mount School - St Helens
Penrhyn Street School
Pensby Boys High School
Pensby Girls High School
Pilgrim Street School
Pinehurst Road Primary School
Plantation Primary School - Halewood
Pleasant Street Primary School
Pontville School - Ormskirk
Pope John Paul High School
Poulton School - Wirral
Prenton Sec School - Birkenhead
Prenton School for Boys - Birkenhead
Prescot Girls Grammar School
Prescot Grammar School For Boys
Prescot Primary School
Prince Edwin Street School
Prince Rupert School
Prince Rupert Sec Modern Boys School
Princess Park School
Princess Royal CP School
Priory Comprehensive School
Puddyvale School - Heswall

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Quarry Bank Comprehensive School
Quarry Green School - Kirkby
Quarry Mount Sec Mod School
Queen Mary High School
Queen of All Saints RC Sec School
Queens Road Board School (Prince Rupert School)

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Rainford High School
Rainhill High School
Range High School
Ranworth Square School
Rathbone School
Ravenhead School - St Helens
Rawson Road Primary School
Red Bridge High School
Redcourt School - Birkenhead
Rice Lane Primary School
Richard Evans Primary School - St Helens
Ridgeway Park School - Wirral
Rimrose Hope CE School
Riversdale College Of Tech - Aigburth
Riverside School
Rivington High School
Rivington Road School - St Helens
Roberts Council School - Bootle
Roberts Sec Mod School for Girls - Bootle
Robins Lane School
Roby CE Infant School - Station Road
Roby Comprehensive School
Roby Huyton School
Rock Ferry High School
Rock Ferry Primary School
Roscoe School - Ballantyne Road
Roscoe Garsfield Junior School
Roscoe Primary School
Roscommon Street School
Rose Lane School - Mossley Hill
Roseheath Primary School
Royal School For The Blind - Wavertree
Rudston County Primary School
Ruffwood Comprehensive School
Runcorn Heath Comprehensive School
Runnymede St Edward RC School
Rushey Hey School
Ryebank School

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Sacred Heart Primary And College School - Crosby
Sacred Heart RC School - St Helens
Sacred Heart RC School - Kensington
Sacred Heart School - Kirkby
Salesian College School
Salisbury Road Infants School - Bootle
Salisbury Street School - Everton
Sandbrook Primary School - Moreton
Sandfield Park School
Savio High School
School Age Pics
School Badges
School Baths
School Books
School Children Evacuees - Merseyside
School Manuscripts
School of Physiotherapy
Seafield Convent School
Seamen's Orphanage School - Liverpool
Sefton Park School
Selwyn Jones High School
Shaw St Primary School - Runcorn
Sheil Road School
Sherwood Avenue Primary School - Crosby
Sherwood Lane School - Fazakerley
Shorefields School
Simms Cross School - Widnes
Simonswood Primary School
Skerry's College And School
Somerville Junior School - Wallasey
South Sefton College
Southbank School (Gilmore)
Southport Girls High School
Speke Comprehensive School
Springfield School
Springwell Park School
Springwood Heath Primary School
SS Fisher More RC School - Widnes
St Agnes RC Primary School Huyton
St Agnes RC School - Broadgreen
St Agnes School - Toxteth
St Aidan RC Primary School
St Aidens CE School - Clock Face, St Helens
St Albans RC School
St Albert RC School
St Alexander RC School
St Aloysius RC School - Huyton
St Alphonsis RC School
St Ambrose RC School - Speke
St Ambrose Barlow RC School - Netherton
St Andrew The Apostle RC Primary - Hunts Cross
St Andrews CE Aided School
St Andrews CE School - Maghull
St Andrews CE School - Clubmoor
St Andrews Hall RC School - Southport
St Andrews RC Boys School - Halewood
St Ann CE Primary School - Rainhill
St Anne CE Primary School - Stanley
St Anne RC Primary School - Overbury
St Anne RC Primary School - Huyton
St Anne RC Primary School - Birkenhead
St Anne RC Primary School - Ormskirk
St Anne RC Primary School - St Helens
St Anne RC School - Rock Ferry
St Anselm College - Birkenhead
St Anselm RC School - St Helens
St Anthony of Padua RC School
St Anthony RC School - Scotland Rd
St Anthony RC School- Kirkby
St Athanasius CE School
St Augustine CE School
St Augustine Girls School - Bootle
St Augustine of Canterbury RC School - Huyton
St Augustine RC School
St Austin Catholic School
St Bartholomew CE School - Rainhill
St Basil Primary School - Widnes
St Bede RC High School - Ormskirk
St Bede RC Junior School - Widnes
St Bede RC School - Crosby
St Benedict RC Primary School - Copy Lane
St Benedict RC School - Wirral
St Benets RC School - Netherton
St Bernard RC School
St Bonaventure RC School
St Brides CE School
St Bridget & St Thomas School
St Bridget CE Primary School
St Bridget RC Primaryschool
St Brigid RC School - Stockbridge Village
St Catherine CE School - Edge Hill
St Catherine RC School
St Catherine RC School - Netherton
St Cecilia RC School
St Chad RC School
St Chad's Catholic High School - Runcorn
St Charles RC School
St Christopher RC School
St Clare RC Primary School
St Clement CE School
St Clements RC Primary School - Runcorn
St Cleopas CE School / Beresford Rd School
St Columbas RC Secondary School
St Cuthbert RC School
St Cuthbert Catholic High School - St Helens
St Cyril RC School
St David School - Moreton, Wirral
St Dominic RC School - Huyton
St Edmund Arrowsmith RC School - Knowsley
St Edmund Arrowsmith RC School - Prescot
St Edmund Campion RC School - St Helens
St Edmund College - Liverpool
St Edmund Junior School - Waterloo
St Edward College - Liverpool
St Edward Orphanage School - Broadgreen
St Edward's RC Junior School - Runcorn
St Elizabeth RC School - Litherland
St Finbar RC School
St Francis De Sales School
St Francis of Assisi RC School - Garston
St Francis of Assisi
St Francis Xavier Bilateral School
St Francis Xavier College
St Francis Xavier Junior Girls School
St Francis Xavier Junior Boys School
St Francis Xavier RC Primary School
St Gabriel CE School - Huyton
St Gabriel Convent School - Woolton
St George Infant School - Maghull
St George of England School - Bootle
St George RC Boys Secondary School - Dingle
St George RC Industrial School
St George RC School
St George School - Wallasey
St George School - Everton
St Gerard Primary School - Widnes
St Gerard RC School - Everton
St Gerorge Home/School for Boys
St Gregory RC Boys School
St Gregory RC Girls School
St Gregory RC Primary School - Lydiate
St Gregory RC Primary School - Netherly
St Hilda CE High School
St Hugh RC Primary School
St Hugh RC School - Birkenhead
St James In The City
St James RC School - Bootle
St James Secondary School
St James The Less CE School
St Joan of Arc Parish School
St John & St James CE School - Bootle
St John CE Primary School - Wirral
St John CE Primary School - Ainsdale
St John CE School - Waterloo
St John Chrysostom CE School - Everton
St John Fisher RC School - Widnes
St John The Baptist CE School - Tuebrook
St John The Divine - Lockerby Rd
St John The Evangelist RC Primary School - Kirkdale
St John The Evangelist CE School - Walton
St John's Crossens CE Primary School - Southport
St Joseph Prep School
St Joseph RC School
St Joseph RC School - Huyton
St Joseph RC School - St Helens
St Joseph RC School - Seacombe
St Joseph School - Wirral
St Joseph The Worker RC School - Kirkby
St Josephs RC School - Widnes
St Jude CE School
St Julie RC High School
St Katharine College
St Kevin RC Comprehensive School
St Laurence RC Primary School
St Laurence RC School - Birkenhead
St Lawrence CE School
St Luke CE Primary School - Formby
St Luke Halsall CE School - Greater Crosby
St Lukes RC Primary School - Skelmersdale
St Lukes RC Primary School - Prescot
St Malachy RC School
St Margaret CE Academy School
St Margaret CE High School for Boys - Anfield
St Margaret CE Primary School - Anfield
St Margaret Clitherow School
St Margaret Mary RC School
St Margaret of Antioch School
St Marie RC School - Kirby
St Marie RC School - Widnes
St Mark RC School
St Martin RC Boys School - Toxteth
St Martin RC School
St Mary & St John School
St Mary CE Primary School (Wirral)
St Mary CE Primary School - Garston
St Mary CE School - Bootle
St Mary CE School - Irlam Road Bootle
St Mary CE School - Wavertree
St Mary CE School - West Derby
St Mary CE School - Walton
St Mary Highfield School
St Mary Mission Church School - St Helens
St Mary of The Angels
St Mary RC College - Wallasey
St Mary RC School - Woolton
St Mary School - Kirkdale
St Mary's College - Crosby
St Marys RC Primary School - Blackbrook, St Helens
St Matthew CE School
St Matthew RC (Clubmoor) School
St Michael and All Angels RC School - Kirkby
St Michael CE School - Huyton
St Michael CE School
St Michael In Hamlet School - Aigburth
St Michael RC School - Everton
St Michael RC School - Widnes
St Monica RC School - Bootle
St Nicholas CE School - Crosby
St Nicholas RC Primary School
St Oswald CE School - Netherton
St Oswald RC School - Old Swan
St Paschal Baylon RC Primary School
St Patrick RC School
St Patrick's RC Primary School - Widnes
St Patrick's RC Primary School - St Helens
St Paul School - Bootle
St Paul & St Timothy Primary School
St Paul CE School
St Paul RC Junior School
St Paul School - Wirral
St Peter & Paul RC Primary School
St Peter CE Aided Primary School
St Peter CE Primary School - Everton
St Peter CE School - Woolton
St Peter College
St Peter RC School - Liverpool
St Peter RC School - Noctorum
St Philip CE School
St Philip's Primary School - Southport
St Philomena RC School
St Pius X RC School
St Raymond RC Primary School - Netherton
St Robert Bellermines School
St Savior CE School
St Saviour CE Junior School
St Sebastian RC School - Lockerby Rd
St Silas CE Primary School
St Silas CE School - Pembroke St
St Simon & St Jude School
St Stephen CE School - Gateacre
St Stephen School (St John & St James)
St Swithin RC School
St Sylvester RC Girls School
St Sylvester RC School
St Teresa RC School - Norris Green
St Teresa RC School - St Helens
St Theresa of Lisieux School
St Thomas A Becket RC High School For Girls
St Thomas Aquinas RC School - Netherton
St Thomas Becket Boys School
St Thomas CE School
St Thomas CE School - Lydiate
St Thomas's Primary School - St Helens
St Veronica School
St Vincent De Paul RC School
St Vincent School For Blind
St Werburgh RC Primary School - Birkenhead
St Wilfred School - Bootle
St William RC of York School
St Winefride RC / Heathley High School - Birkenhead
St Winefride RC Girls School
St Winefride School - Bootle
St Wyburn School - Birkdale
Stanley High School - Southport
Stanley Park Comprehensive School
Stanley Road Council School - Kirkdale
Stanley School - Wirral
Stanney Comp School
Stapleton Avenue Boys School
Steer Street School
Sterrix Lane School - Netherton
Stockbridge School
Stockton Wood County Primary School
Stonebridge Lane School
Stonefield Rd Junior School - Huyton
Streatham House School For Girls
Sudley Road County Primary School
Summerhill Primary School - Maghull
Sunnymede School
Sutton High School - Ellesmere Port
Sutton National School St Helens
Sylvester Primary School

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Temple Road School - Wirral
Teulon Street School (Eileen Craven)
Thatto Heath Junior School - St Helens
The Akbar Nautical School For Boys - Heswall
The Beacon Primary School
The Brow Primary School
The Endowed CE Primary School - Skelmersdale
The Kingsway Academy
The Leas Boys School
The Margaret Beavan School
The Parade School - Hoylake
Thingwall Primary School - Wirral
Thomas Grey Primary School
Thornton College
Thornton Hough Primary School - Wirral
Thornton Primary School
Tiber Street School - Toxteth Park
Torpenhow Hospital School - Frankby
Tower College
Toxteth Primary School
Toxteth Technical School
Trinity - Wavertree CE School
Trinity St Peter CE School
Trinity Street Primary School

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Underlea Open Air School
University School - Southport
Upper Park Street School - Toxteth
Upton Hall School - Upton, Wirral
Upton Road School - Moreton
Ursuline Convent School - Crosby

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Vaughn Road School - New Brighton
Venice Street Comprehensive School For Boys
Venice Street Primary School
Victoria School - Garston
Village School - Wirral
Vine Street School

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Wade Deacon Grammar School - Widnes
Wallasey Boys Grammar School
Wallasey High School - Wirral
Wallasey Tech College
Wallasey Technical Grammer School
Walton Breck CE School
Walton Grammar School
Walton Lane School - Kirkdale
Walton National School - Walton
Walton RC School
Walton Tech School
Warbreck Sc School
Warrington Road School - Widnes
Warwick Bolam High School - Netherton
Waterloo Grammar School For Boys
Waterloo Park School
Waterloo Secondary School
Wavertree CE School - Wavertree
Weatherhead School - Wirral
Webster Road School
Well Lane Primary School - Wirral
Wellesbourne Primary School
Wellington Rd School Dingle
Weslyan Methodist School
West Bank School - Widnes
West Derby Boys Comp School - Liverpool
West Derby CE School - Liverpool
West Derby Tech School
West End Primary Morecambe School
West Kirby Primary School - Wirral
West Kirby School For Girls
West Park School - St Helens
West Vale Primary School
Westfield Primary School - Runcorn
Westminster Road School
Weston Point Primary School
Wharton Primary School - Winsford
Whiston Central School - Prescot
Whiston Sec Mod School
Whiston Willis Primary School
Whitby Grammar School
Whitefield Road School
Whitestone Primary School (Maypole) - Knowsley
Wigan Road School - Ormskirk
Willis County Primary School
Windle CE School - Cooper St, St Helens
Windle Pilkington School
Windlehurst Primary School - St Helens
Windleshaw School - St Helens
Windsor High School
Windsor Street School
Winstone Primary School
Wirral Grammar Girls School
Wirral Grammar School
Wirral Metropolitan College
Withensfield School
Woodchurch High School
Woodchurch Road Primary School - Wirral
Woodend Primary School - Maghull
Woodlands Primary School - Birkenhead
Woolton County Primary School
Woolton Hall School
Woolton High School
Woolton Old School

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Yewtree Comprehensive School
York Street School